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Wi-Care makes comfortable clothes naturally


Wi-Care’s my-DBuddy jacket helps people with (temporary) memory loss to stay independent longer while maintaining their dignity. Like other Wi-Care products, the my-DBuddy is a concept that solves very practical day-to-day problems. In this case, for people having to deal with (temporary) memory loss.
  • Is this my jacket? A transparent pocket on the inside of the jacket where someone can put his or her own picture for easy recognition.
  • How do I close my jacket? Advanced Velcro straps in different bright colors enable easy closure in the correct sequence.
  • Where is my key? Did I leave the key in the door? A key cord on the inside of the jacket keeps the keys within easy reach of the wearer.
  • Who am I? A transparent pocket, discretely positioned under one of the pockets holds the ID and/or contact details of the wearer.

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Stylish adjusted clothes

Wi-Care designs and produces (adjusted) clothes for people with an impairment. Nice, well-fitting clothes that make you feel better. Perfect for a body that is different. It improves your self-sufficiency and increases your self-esteem.


Practical solutions

We encounter a very broad range of situations, which gives us a lot of experience in finding practical solutions. However, apart from just being functional, our designs are also stylish, contemporary and available in colours that fit you.


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