Winter coat for wheelchair users

Are you in search of a warm winter coat for wheelchair users? The wheelchair coat from Wi-Care is precisely what you're looking for. These coats are specially designed for wheelchair users. The front of this coat is long, providing extra warmth for the legs. The back of the coat stops at the wheelchair seat, allowing the coat to be put on while sitting down. This winter coat for wheelchair users also features Raglan sleeves. These sleeves make it easier for the user to put their arms through the armhole, promoting the wearer's independence. Additionally, the coat has a standing collar and welt pockets.

Wi-Care's coats are entirely custom-made. The wheelchair coat is available in a wide array of stylish, trendy colors and can be crafted from water-resistant materials as well as wool.

Wi-Care offers a versatile selection of clothing suited for wheelchair users. From stylish Pancho's to legcovers and capes, our range ensures that every wheelchair user has access to the highest level of comfort without compromising on style.

Wi-Care winter coat

Wi-Care understands the unique needs of individuals using wheelchairs, especially when it comes to staying warm and comfortable during the cold winter. Our custom-made winter coat for wheelchair users combines style with functionality and comfort, ensuring that every person can enjoy the cold season without compromising on warmth or convenience.

Why choose Wi-Care winter coats?

There are more than one reason why you should choose a winter coat from Wi-Care.

  • Tailored for Comfort: Our winter coats are meticulously designed with the comfort of wheelchair users in mind. Each coat is custom-made to ensure a perfect fit. They provide ease of movement, ensuring a comfortable and snug experience while seated.
  • Easy Accessibility: Putting on and taking off a coat can be challenging for wheelchair users. With a Wi-Care winter coat for wheelchair users, this is no longer a difficult task! Our coats feature smart designs and features, allowing for easy independent dressing. We believe in promoting self-reliance and convenience, all made possible with wheelchair clothing from Wi-Care.
  • High-Quality Materials: Everyone should be comfortable and enjoy the cold winter season without worrying about the durability of their coat. Our winter coats are made from high-quality materials that are not only warm but also resistant to wear and tear.

Key Features of a Wi-Care Winter Coat

In addition to our long model winter coat, Wi-Care offers a broad collection, including short moulded coats. However, all our coats include these three key features.

  • Insulation and Warmth: When wearing one of our handmade coats, you will experience exceptional warmth, making them perfect for chilly days. Stay warm and comfortable all day with our winter coat for wheelchair users.
  • Water-Resistant Options: You won't be caught off guard by snow or rain when wearing a Wi-Care winter coat. Choose from our water-resistant materials and stay comfortable and dry during any kind of weather.
  • Stylish Designs: Functionality and style together in one design? You bet! Wi-Care’s winter coats are available in a variety of trendy and easily accessible designs, allowing you to express your own personal style while staying warm in our functional winter coat.